Biography of the speaker

Stanislav Blum, Center for Functional orthodontics and prosthetics

Orthodontist, director general of "Center of functional orthodontics and prosthetics" (St.-Petersburg), member of the European orthodontic Society (EOS), International functional association (IFUNA)


Theses of a performance

When you need only one. Various clinical situations that you can correct only by one microimplant

The use of microimplants as an absolute orthodontic anchorage has long been a routine practice of most orthodontists. The methods of application, the setting zone and the required number of microimplants have long been formulated.

But there are alternative approaches, when the absolute anchorage from the microimplant will be change by a relative one, where one or a group of teeth will be taken into the anchorage, which will give the doctor several advantages. For example, reduce the number of microimplants used, or increase the range of force vectors from the system.

The report will present clinical cases with support from the microimplant-tooth system with orthodontic preparation for implantation and prosthetics (controlled uprighting on a partial bracket system) and skeletal traction of complex impacted teeth.


Clinical cases

Clinical cases of Stanislav Blum

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