Biography of the speaker

Anna Slabkovskaya, Moscow State University of Dentistry

Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Moscow State University of Dentistry, M.D., Member of the Professional Russian Society of Orthodontists. Graduated from Moscow State University of Dentistry in 1989 with further postgraduate specialization at the Department of Orthodontics. Defended Ph.D thesis in 1995 and doctoral thesis in 2008. The author of more than 250 scientific publications, study guides, textbooks and master classes.


Theses of a performance

"The clinical use of orthodontic implants of the company Konmet"

The use of orthodontic miniimplants in clinical practice creates almost unlimited possibilities for creativity of the doctor. Reducing the amount of hardware in the mouth, the opportunity to work on a limited portion of the dentition, the lack of impact on the rest of the teeth - this is not a complete list of the benefits of orthodontic miniimplants. The variability of localization of orthodontic miniimplants and their shapes and sizes allows you to create new, individualized orthodontic design that optimizes the biomechanics of tooth movement, reducing treatment time and makes the instrument less visible to patients. Conducted and orthodontic combined treatment of 125 patients with dentofacial anomalies fixed orthodontic apparatus in combination with orthodontic implants. Using the methods of evidence-based medicine examined the biomechanics of tooth movement various designs and selected the optimal types.

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