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A. Korrodi Ritto, DDS, PHD, Portugal

A. Korrodi Ritto graduated in dentistry in 1988. Received the PHD degree in 1997. The title of Specialist in orthodontics was obtained in 1998. He works in private practice at Mouzinho Albuquerque 115 1º, 2400-194 Leiria, Portugal.

He is the inventor of the Ritto-Appliance. He wrote more than 70 articles in orthodontic journals around the world, and displayed many clinic tables and posters at AAO, EOS, and Portuguese Societies.


Theses of a performance

The lingual pearl and microimplants

The correction of the tongue thrust should be an integral part of treatment in orthodontics.

The awareness of the problem of muscular dysfunction involving the dentition has been a grave problem for orthodontists for many decades.

The improper tongue thrust is reinforced with each succeeding feeding. Sometimes the degree of malocclusion or malformation depends upon the severity of the tongue thrust problem.

It must be remembered that although the muscles of the tongue, including the root of the tongue and muscles of the floor of the mouth, are the most important group of muscles that we contend with, other muscles, including the lips and cheeks, are of great importance as well.

THE GOAL of the treatment with the micro implant pearl is to bring about normal function of those muscles surrounding the dentition that takes part in the masticatory process and deglutition. To make the treatment easier and the results more stable, regardless of what we use, either fixed or removable or functional methods, the cause must be dealt with and eliminated.

This condition of swallowing dysfunction is corrected by reinforcement of the exercise prescribed to bring about a new pattern of swallowing.


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