Biography of the speaker

Mani K. Prakash, Indian board of Orthodontics

Past-Chairman & Director-2005 to 2010, Indian board of Orthodontics, Indian Orthodontic Society

Hon. Consultant Orthodontist, Bombay Hospital, Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020, India.

<b>Dr. Mani K. Prakash</b> qualified as an orthodontists from Govt. Dental College, Bombay in 1968 and spent 2 years as Lecturer in Orthodontics in GDC, Bombay.

● He later spent 8 years as an Asst. Professor in Orthodontics in Nair Hospital Dental College, Bombay till 1979.

Clinical Associate Professor in Orthodontics with the same institution from 1979 to 1988
Prof. & Head of Orthodontics at D. Y. Patil Dental College, Nerul, NewBombay from Oct'1994 to Dec'1995.

● He is Honorary Consultant in Bombay Hospital (Medical Research Centre), Marine Lines, Bombay from 1981 till to date.
● He is in exclusive practice of Orthodontics in Mumbai for the past 43 years.
● Awarded ‘ Honoris Causa’ by the Indian Board of Orthodontics of Indian Orthodontic Society - Oct’1999
● Awarded the 'Diplomate' by the Indian Board of Orthodontics of Indian Orthodontics Society in Nov'2000
● Elected as the ‘Director’ of Indian Board of Orthodontics for a Five year term from Nov 2005 onwards till 2010
● Awarded ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ as the ‘Best Teacher’ by Indian Orthodontic Society, at the 51st Indian Orthodontic Conference held in Goa, India, on 3rd to 6th Nov 2016.
● Chairman, Indian Board of Orthodontics. 2009-10
He has conducted number of courses in PEA, Early Treatments, Orthognathic Surgical Managements and popular Micro Screw Anchorage.

Presented Keynotes in every forum of International Orthodontics, like AAO, WFO, Moyer’s Symposium, APOC, WIOC, WMIA to cite few, and published widely in all publications in Orthodontics

Presented 24 presentation in form of Scientific, Clinical papers, Keynotes and Orations (2) in Indian Orthodontic Society Annul Maeetings


Theses of a performance

Emerging Trends in Management of Anterior and Posterior Segments of Dentition, with the Advent of Mini Screws

In Orthodontics, the effective control of both Anterior and Posterior segments during their movement in mandated Treatment plan is the key to the successful achievement our Orthodontic objectives. Such deemed control is usually applicable in the three plains of space. Our concepts in treatment planning revolve around these challenges being countered effectively, so that our goals are met with consummate ease.

Better part of the past two decades have seen sea of change in understanding the biomechanical principles there involved hence design better systems to deal with all kind of malocclusions, specially the difficult extreme ones as well as those that are so called ‘Border-line’ cases- that complicate our extraction decisions. Advent Mini screws in the last decade, have made our tasks easier and our systems became much more adapt in dealing with those difficult ‘Anchor Managing’ protocols. What was defeating tasks in the nineties, became an easy chore in the beginning of this century!

The presentation will trace the significant changes in our protocol dealing with:

  1. Anterior teeth in modes of De-crowding, Max and Minimum Retraction, Opening and Closure of Bites etc.
  2. Posterior Teeth in state of De-crowding, enmasse Distalizing, Uprighting, and vertical control

The presentation The presentation will try to answer some of these challenging issues with suitable Clinical illustrations and case reports

Learning Objectives, Use of Mini screws for Different situations, dealing with control of both Anterior and Post segments of the Dentition


Clinical cases

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