Biography of the speaker

Dr. Maria Vasilyeva, Dr. Maria Vasilyeva, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia

. Dr. Maria Vasilyeva, PhD, Orthodontist, Assist.of prof. of Department of pediatric dentistry and orthodontia Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia


1996 DDS -Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute

1998 MD – Departament of Orthodontics of MoscowMedicalStomatological Institute

2013 PhD – Departament of Pediatric dentistry and Orthodontia of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

- Experience
- Absoanchor Certified speaker
- 3M speaker
- Adenta speaker
- Expert on Incognito System
- EOS member
- WFO fellow
- Member of Russian Orthodontic Society
- Using lingual systems since 2001
- Using microimplants since 2003

Have few patents, articles, author’s seminars and lectures around the World (Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, China, Jordan, India, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, England, USA, Thailand, Lebanon, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy etc.)
Private practice.


Theses of a performance

Interdisciplinary approach for occlusal rehabilitation considering postural factors with the help of mini-implants

We live in a progressive world. Orthodontists, prosthetic dentists and osteopathic specialists can not only create beautiful smile and restore teeth, but reach correct TMJ and muscle function.

Thanks to interdisciplinary approach and mini-implants in most cases we can design beautiful smile without surgery.

The aim of our study was to develop orthodontic methods for rehabilitation of patients with TMJ disorders and missing posterior teeth. In addition we defined protocols for occlusal plane correction without patient cooperation for further prosthetic rehabilitation.

We will present different clinical cases of orthodontic retreatment considering previous mistakes. Those patients were referred from prosthodontists in order to maintain incorrectly positioned teeth and fix occlusal plane for further treatment. In some cases it was impossible to get braces fixed without additional support. Also there were some situations where we used only miniimplants without braces.

Orthodontic treatment with miniimplants as a skeletal anchorage combined with osteopathic approach (manual muscle testing of posture-MMT) gives similar toorthognatic surgery results especially when it comes to TMJ disorders.

Moreover, the use of microimplants as a skeletal anchorage for correction of horizontal and vertical occlusal planes under MMT guidance provides functional and stable occlusion. However teeth intrusion on microimplants has certain boundaries.

Incorporating microimpnats in everyday practice together with basic biomechanic knowledge and interdisciplinary approach allowed to treat the majority of patients with difficult problems and create stable occlusion for them.


Clinical cases

Clinical cases of Dr. Maria Vasilyeva

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