Biography of the speaker

Adrien Marinetti, French Federation of Orthodontics


Paris, France Baccalaureat C ( Lycée Pasteur, Neuilly sur Seine ) 1990
Paris, France Certificate of advanced studies in Radiology 1997
Paris VII , France Visiting clinical prof. department of Orthodontics 1997
Paris VII , France Doctor in Dental Surgery - DDS 1998
Paris VII , France CECSMO ( Master in Orthodontics ) 2002


• 1997-2003, associate with Dr Jean-Luc Pruvost, Paris.
• Private practice since 2003, taking over the office of Professor Robert Garcia ( currently dean of the Dental School of Paris VII Garancière ).
• Practice limited to children and adults orthodontics, specialized in pre-surgical adult orthodontics and lingual orthodontics.

• More than 40 lectures in France, England, Italy, Greece, Singapore, Lebanon...

• 2006-2012, Secretary of the French Society of Lingual Orthodontics
• 2012-2016, President of the French Society of Lingual Orthodontics
• Active participant to the Scientific Committee of the French Federation of Orthodontics ( FFO )
• Chair of numerous sessions of the French Federation of Orthodontics


Theses of a performance

Optimization of surgical mandibular advancement through the use of mini-screws and bite planes

Considerable progress has been registered in orthodontic preparation before surgery over the recent past years due to the extensive use of mini-screws: Effectively, use of mini- screws allows to obtain the decompensation of class 2 patients through a backward movement of the lower arch without any effect on the maxillary. The major benefit is not finding oneself confronted to the non-return scheme of extractions.

The technique proposes insertion of mini-screws in the retromolar triangles without practically any post-surgical effects thanks to a looped rod. Final result can be boosted up through the use of pre- and post-surgical bite planes, whereby surgery of the mandibular is sufficient in itself to correct the canting of the occlusal plane.


Clinical cases

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