Biography of the speaker

Andrey Andreishev, MD


Department of surgical stomatology and maxillo-facial surgery & Department of plastic surgery

First State medical University (SPetersburg)

Educated stomatological faculty in 1999.

2005 - first thesis: "Complicated eruption third lower molars. Patogenesis, clinic, treatment".

2014 - second thesis: "Combined treatment in patients with dento-maxillo-facial anomales with using different algorithms of complex rehabilitation".

Has have courses, internships and meetings in Russia and in other countries many times.
Organized many work-shops and conferences about different aspects of orthodontia, orthognatic and rejuvenation surgery, rhinoplasty, contour plasty. It includs the main directions of scientific and practical interests.

Author more than 130 articles, include 3 monographs).


Theses of a performance

Using skeletal anchorage in surgically assisted expansion of jaws

Surgical preparation using in patients with places deficiency in dental arches is very important in adult cases. Surgical stage includes osteotomy (without movement) and distractor fixation. Thera are two main types of distractors: with tooth and with bone fixation.

In maxilla expansion better to use bone-fixation appliance. It excludes possibility of change a lateral teeth tork changes (dento-alveolar effect). For lower jaw prefers to use tooth-fixation on canine or first bicuspid. It gives rotation-effect. Bone-fixation potentially causes to lateral shift console in TMJ, follows strong appliance-screw-bone fixation.

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