Biography of the speaker

Hee-Moon KYUNG, President of the Korean Association of Orthodontists, Chairman 2nd EUMIA

Doctor Kyung is one of the most experienced clinical physicians in development and application of microimplants in orthodontics all over the world. He organized more than 250 courses worldwide. Active member of Angle Society. President of the International Society of Lingual Orthodontics. President of Korean Association of Orthodontists.


Theses of a performance

What has changed and what needs to be changed using microimplants?

Prof. Hee-Moon KYUNG
Dept. of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry
Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea

Controlling anchorage is one of the most important aspects of orthodontic treatment. Many traditional treatment protocols have incorporated both extraoral (headgear) and intraoral (intermaxillary elastics) approaches to maintain anchorage. Unfortunately, patient compliance is considered the “Achilles heel” of controlled tooth movement. In an effort to maximize anchorage while reducing the dependence on the patient,Microimplant hasbecomethe revolution of theorthodontic anchorage. Small diameter Microimplant canprovide better treatment efficiency when compared to the conventional orthodontic treatment.

The appearance of Microimplant has made great changes in treatment planning, mechanics and treatment results. Many difficult or even impossible cases with conventional mechanics could be solved by use of Microimplant. However, there are still many controversies about Microimplant anchorage, including immediate & delayed loading of orthodontic force, small & big size implants, coated & machined implants, self-tapping & self-drilling methods, topical & injection anesthesia, success rates between maxilla & mandible and low & high initial torque forces etc.Despite few side effects and remaining controversies,orthodontic Microimplantsare already common tool used in daily orthodontic practice to control anchorage without the need ofpatients’ compliance.
In this presentation, I would like to exchange my knowledge and experience of orthodontic treatment with Microimplants, including what has changed and what needs to be changed after using Microimplants.


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