Biography of the speaker


Graduated from the top dental university in the middle east St joseph University in 1993 then pursued a master degree in orthodontics from one of Europe’s top Universities Kuopio University- Finland with honors (1996), then completed a certificate in invisible lingual orthodontics from Indianan University USA (2001)
Relevant Work History: 20 years of dental practice treating more than 3000 patients.
Relevant Academic History: Doctor in dental surgery and MSc in orthodontics, Assistant professor of orthodontics since 2004 in the Faculty of Dentistry Lebanese University.
Relevant Skill Set: A prominent speaker for one of the world top orthodontic company DENTOS with lectures and hands on in more than 10 countries in the world (USA, SPAIN, POLAND,TUNISIA, UAE, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, JORDAN,CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, EGYPT,TURKEY,INDIA, SYRIA AND LEBANON)


Theses of a performance

MIA and straight wire low friction (SWLF), a combination for success in every day practice

Achieving the desired tooth movement in orthodontics is not an easy commission, the orthodontist is faced with a multitude of factors that needs to be taken into consideration to achieve the planned goals, among all, firstly the task to control the anchorage in such a manner that predictable results can be attained, and secondly the appropriate choice of the bracket/wire/ligation system allowing for maximum rate of tooth movement and reducing the unwanted side effects of sliding mechanics.

The aim of this presentation is to show through clinical cases how by combining the philosophy of the SWLF (straight wire low friction system) with the anchorage control provided by the AbsoAnchor microimplant system, a more predictable, successful and efficient tooth movement can be easily achieved in everyday orthodontic practice.


Clinical cases

Clinical cases of Bilal Koleilat

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